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Who are we?

At Ablecare we can offer a quality service to enable you or your loved one to stay independent in their own home with a variety and flexible home help service and to enable you to spend quality time with their relatives.

Ablecare can offer a range of roles enabling your loved one to maintain independence at home, with increasing workload now we are able to get back to work and everyday tasks there is not always enough time in the day to attend to our ageing parents needs. This is were we can offer a confidential service at affordable rates.

As our staff are experienced in health and home help care in previous roles, so give you peace of mind that your loved one will be looked after with care and dignity.

We cover all of East Lothian and Surrounding areas, give us a wee message today to find out more!

We don’t like confusion at Ablecare so we like to keep things simple.

Our prices start from £21 per hour with a 2 hour service.

Policy: 24 hours notice to cancel service only under unforeseeable circumstances we will not charge

Please if you have any questions about or services just use the contact section at the bottom of the page.

Maintaining standards

We will provide regular reviews of our service to ensure we continually help you and your family’s changing situations. We can liaise with a selected family member after every visit to give you peace of mind via your chosen communication method.

Call Us:

Shirley: 07734253354

Claire: 07734253353

It’s easy so easy as we get older to whizz round the everyday cleaning and gets more difficult as we get older, and our mobility is compromised. We can do surface cleaning as well as laundry and ironing and can be done as often as daily/weekly/monthly. Larger spring cleaning can also be arranged. Recycling and items for the charity shop can be arranged for us to drop off too.

Cannot get time of work to take your loved one to an appointment, it can be a daunting experience on a bus or in a taxi, as well as the hospital transport as you have to collect other patients which can take all day and a long day by the time you get home. We use our own transport to drive you or your loved one to non-urgent appointments give them support during the appointment and bring them home safely.

We can help carry the weekly shop, or a few smaller day to day shopping through the week, using our own transport if you or your loved one is able we can assist them round the shop and help them get the offers of the day and put all the shopping away, can even help by putting hard to open items is suitable containers.

Finding it hard with no transport from family, we can help with support to visit a friend or trips to meet family or a social event. We can also advise on groups to attend for some much needed companionship. Little trips our can also be arranged in advance, places such as sitting in a lovely flowering park, galleries, museums which can be very therapeutic.

We can assist in helping with forms, papers, documents keeping on top of bills. Assist with benefits

checks as a lot of the time you or your loved one are not sure what they are entitled too.

Contact Us

Have you got any questions about our service or website, then use the contact form to make contact with us, we will be in contact within 48 hours of receipt of your email.

Thanks from all the team at Ablecare

Information you share with scablecare is protected and safe.

Company Registration No. SC704671.

If you would like more information please call or email